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2010-11-22 16:57:38 by pie4ever0

Okay, so in the game the main character needs to go the bathroom, so he stops at a building he's never seen before. He's told that an outhouse is located on the roof, and he can get to the roof from the top floor, Floor Fifty. After starting on his quest to take a piss, he finds out that the building is FULL of sexy women who try to seduce men who come into the building. He's strictly loyal to your wife, however, so he turn to leave but his bladder makes him stay and continue his quest. Okay, so basically I need help with FIFTY ideas for different kinds of sexy women. Also, I need to know the best kind of flash for me to transfer the game data into so I can post it on Newgrounds. {Note: Anybody who helps me a lot with this can get their own (male) character put into the game!}

Have I gone crazy?

2010-08-20 22:30:25 by pie4ever0

Is 9400 Points an insane amount of points to have? I would think not, some games are easy, but when I look at other people's profiles, they have nowhere near as many points.

Gamers, Respond!

2010-06-11 21:22:11 by pie4ever0

I've been trying to figure out which new thing to get for my Wii. Should I get Super Mario Galaxy (1), Super Paper Mario, that Mario baseball game (I forget the name), or a Nintendo DS?


2010-06-05 21:51:45 by pie4ever0

I was just wondering, if you change your computer's clock and set it to about 12 hours or so ahead, then would you be able to vote again and gain your experience all over for that day? If so, then could you please tell me how the heck I change my computer's clock?


2010-03-23 14:28:20 by pie4ever0

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Can I get money from Newgrounds?

2010-03-22 18:04:15 by pie4ever0

I need to go work on a book report, so I'll try and make this quick. Last Summer, my friend told me we could make money from Newgrounds by submitting a well-made, animated video. We couldn't make animated videos back then due to lack of effort, but now I'm starting Newgrounds thing with 3 other friends. I'm pretty sure you can still make money, because I read in the description of a game that Tom Fulp sent the creator of the game a check for $200, but I don't know the details. If anyone knows anything about it, then could they please tell me about it?

Thanks in advance,
Me and my friends.

P.S. If you could tell me the about it rather than give me a link, I'd really appreciate it.