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5/5, 10/10, Fav.

This is an excellent Flash music video, to say the least. I like how you created the guy, as he actually resembles a true hardcore gamer. Upset at finishing a good game, happy from the gameplay, and hungry from not being a fat slob.

The music and words were extremely catchy and well-played, and I found myself humming this as I went about my day, and I'm even listening to it as I type this. Well done.

An Epic Flash

I've never been too fond of any stick-fight flashes, but this flash is definitely an exception. I love how it switches between tunes with relative ease, and it combines stick figures with new elements (phoenix, fire, RPG, etc.,) that I've never seen them combined with before. Considering this is only your third flash, this is a great achievement. However, I can't help but feel you started to get lazy at the end, as you had three stickfigures appear out of nowhere. But that's a small error, and won't get in the way of a perfect 5 and 10.

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gildedguy responds:

heh, well I was trying to imitate the way players join matches at the start of Call of Duty games, which is why they "popped up" out of nowhere, but I did run out of animating time towards the end. Glad you liked it, thanks.


Although this was clearly intended as a helpful little flash for those learning about "geology and stuff" in science, but if you intended it to be so then you should've put down about a paragraph of information instead of a sentence, because you could basically say "An ocean is a big body of water with fish in it", or "A volcano is a big mountain that spits lava". You see what I mean? Not very helpful.

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This is one of the greatest flash videos ever made. The very fact that this was made in 2008 and still gets reviews on a daily basis to this day proves that I cannot even begin to call this a review.

The amount of emotions that surge through me as I watch it is just impossible to put into words... But, let's just say that it's as if you single-handedly created the meaning of love.

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I'm sorry, but this can't be called a review, as there's so little to improve upon this.
The art was just right, not too perfect but not crap either.
I myself just downloaded SMRPG on my computer, and it's already fucking awesome.
But you only got one thing wrong: They weren't collecting star spirits, they were collecting star PIECES.


at the end, he apparently "suffocates due to lack of oxygen", but it sounds more like he's choking on something. Maybe you could have had him say "Wait..... I don't have air!" and THEN have him start suffocating.

AlmightyHans responds:

well originally slippy's out of control ship flew into his mouth


Perhaps you could have had an extremely rare pokemon, Kyogre, for example, appear, and the trainer just says "Fuck this! I want to fight Magikarp!"

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The jokes are repeated so many times that there's not even any fun in it. It's just like setting your MP3 player to shuffle; Random sayings, but they all get boring after five minutes. Next time, please put more of an effort into your flash than just putting in fifteen jokes that keep on getting repeated.


I liked the design of the character, and the mystery itself. When it ended I was left going like "What? But, what happens to the Bot?", which I suppose you wanted people to think after watching it. You should seriously make a sequel. I'm sorry, but this review can't truly count as a review, because I am unable to suggest any possible ways of increasing your animation skill; It's just too well-done. Oh, wait! I thought of something: The eyes. They were square, rather than round. I also liked the fact that the character seemed to not believe the Bot (If he was a bot, that is), and wound up worrying about him.

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Jimtopia responds:

Well I appreciate the compliment about my "animation skill" but there's plenty I could do to improve, but alas I'm pretty lazy. Glad you liked it though. Also, the reason the eyes were square instead of round is because I based the design of the character from a sort of Invader Zim style. Not sure if it shows, but there's your explanation for the eyes at least.

Cycon has the right moves.

I absolutely love that little jig/dance Cycon does.

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