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It has potential.

This game has the potential to truly be something else, but there are a few things that need to be fixed or added.

- Map
-- As others have said, a Map function would be very helpful for knowing where the extra areas are, but you don't necessarily need that to tell the player where to go. Having the arrow that follows the storyline flash green, and the arrow that leads you to extra areas that still have loot or zombies flash red.

- Walls
-- I don't care what the Author Comments say, zombies walking through walls is lack of effort on your part. Most of the time when they do so, there are no windows for them to climb through, because they're inside a 2-story house or stuck in a basement. Even if there were windows, what's the chance that zombies would think to break a window and climb through it?

- Walking
-- It's strange for the character to be moving across the screen without moving a single muscle, adding walking animations would add to the quality.

- Weapons
-- So wait a sec, the Nurse is equipped with a badass chainsaw, and she's SLAPPING the zombies?

- Party Members
-- One person up against an army of zombies doesn't seem very realistic, does it? More characters joining the party, such as the person who is in the house with you at the start, would add to the fun of the game.

- Clothing
-- The clothing stats are extremely questionable, because according to this game, a Shark Suit is three times more protective than a bullet proof vest.

- Healing
-- It's too easy for you to get stuck deep into the game because you got badly bruised in a fight and don't have any med kits to heal you. It would be better if you could go back to an area that auto-generates zombies, kill weak ones until you level up, and regain full health as you level up.

- Finding Loot
-- I'll be blunt: clothing, bandages, and melee weapons should be found mostly in houses, and guns and med kits should be found in abandoned shelters or on dead bodies.

- Crates
-- It doesn't make sense, why are there boxes of medicine, guns, and everything else you could possibly need to kill zombies lying around randomly in crates? They should only be found in houses, or near an especially large group of dead bodies.

So yeah, I doubt you'll even bother to read the reviews, seeing as you tried to put the wall glitch off as intentional, but whatever. My opinion's out there now.

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bpointstudios responds:

Your review seems to have drawn the most attention, so to addres these issues:

Very good idea, look out for something like this in a future update.

We understand people's dislike of this, however it is not a glitch or laziness. Much beta
testing was done over this matter and ultimately we decided to allow zombies free movement
over the map. Due to the zombie's movement restriction (one tile), this was the only way
to keep a level of depth and strategy during movement in the world. Look for a more
acceptable, realistic implementation of this in the sequel.

Our artist actually made an animation of the charcters moving on the overworld. This was never
implemented however due to the way it looked. We chose a very unique perspective for how the
world looks, and unfortunately because of that the animation looked very odd. We decided to go
with the board game type movement instead.

Due to time limitations, and the fact that an attack animation takes our artist very much time to design, we decided to go with a generic melee attack animation for every character instead of making 10+ for all three characters.

-Party Members
We like this idea too, however for this game we wanted to make the player feel alone, against
the horde. Look for some sort of party member system in the future sequels.

Actually, a shark suit would probably be the safest thing to wear in a zombie attack. In case
you didn't know, a shark suit is essentially a full suit of chain mail armor. Perfect for
stopping zombies from biting you.

This is exactly how we want the player to feel. Alone and under-supplied.

-Finding loot
Another good idea to help with player immersion.

It might not be very clear, however the military made supply drops along the main roads in town
to help the army fight the outbreak. This is why there are so many useful crates outside.

We most definitely read all the reviews, and will make changes accordingly for future versions
of this game or as added features for the sequels. Your review was very helpful, and thanks for
the great input.


It's way too random. One second I'm slashing at one fruit at a time, like I have been for the past 5 minutes, and then suddenly 6 fruit come out at the same time, and when I try to click ones that are falling off the bottom-right corner, I click the link instead, it opens up a pop-up window, and I lose before I can do anything to stop it.


It was a decent storyline and all, but I quit during the first battle for obvious reasons.
I mean, come on. 20 Goombas? For a first battle? And then the goombas actually did more damage than Mario and Luigi do without critical. Also, the jumps were way too weak if you couldn't do the critical. You should be able to automatically do a double jump without critical, such as just clicking anywhere at the right time, and then critical is random.
Also, in typical Mario-RPG Battles like this, during the tutorial battle the helper (in this case, Toadsworth) would yell "STOP!" or something, freezing the game, and then tell you to press a button to defend/attack/counter, depending on why he stopped you.

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Muja responds:

Yeah, I know this game has a lot of limits, like I already said.
But, know what, I'm going to do a huge restyle to this game as my next project!

Giant Bat Glitch

Great game and all, but when I got to the Giant Bat boss battle, he jumped down right next to me and sent a bat to hit me, and then I started sinking through the ground into white. Not sure what caused it, I still had health left, but whatever. Good game gets you the 10, but the glitch brings you down to 9.

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Uncredited Resources

Nice game, graphics, and everything, but I couldn't help but notice you'd taken some resources from a rather popular game-maker named RPGMakerVX and didn't give credit to the creator of the game-maker and the resources, Enterbrain.

Incase you couldn't understand that, you need to give credit to Enterbrain for certain resources like the trees, snowmen, and the rocks.


This is a really awesome game, it deserves a 10/10, but sometimes the food glitches majorly... At one point all of the farms seemed to stop growing food for one night, and the survivors still ate. Also, sometimes when it says you should be getting 30 food per day, you don't gain anymore or decrease a bit.
That made the game very annoying after awhile when you were running out of places to scavenge.


I found the music to be strange and disgustingly vivid in description.
But aside from that, you had nothing to show us. You included "instructions" for a non-existent game, and attached a link to your website.
That basically means that this "demo" was nothing more than an advertisement.

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What the fuck is this crap?

The controls work like crap. I tap D the slightest bit and I'm sent flying to the right side of the screen. Then I'm back in the middle, and "zombies" attacked me there, as the controls completely died out. Put some effort into your shit next time.

augustoad responds:

It's not my fault. As u may see, works fine to other guys.

The lag, unfortunately, is normal. This was supposed to be an EXE file and I did my best to port it to flash.

You should try playing the FULL version, download it @:

You'll certainly like it.

Epic RPG

This is an awesome game, but the boss at the end seemed way too strong to me. I mean, I needed to upgrade all my stats completely just to have a chance at beating him!
. . . Yeah, now time for a serious review. Most times I don't like stickfigure games/animations, but I think that my love for pixels overcame that hatred this time. I enjoyed the humor of it, and the voices/music were absolutely amazing. You should really make a sequel, it would be absolutely epic.


Get as many chances as you please!

Go to ASG's home website (link on profile), click 'Work', then click 'One Chance' a few times so that the game opens up in several tabs. Play one at a time, and you can get as many chances as you want this way! However, beware: If you beat the game once, then any new game tabs won't give you another chance, they'll only show you what ending you got.

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